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Kyra Kwok '23

Why did you join PhiDE: I joined PhiDE my freshman year looking for support and guidance but I found so much more than that. PhiDE has become my forever family at Cornell and I'm forever grateful to be a part of this community

Your Favorite PHIDE Memory: Climbing the clocktower in the pouring rain with my new member class!

Advice for Prospective Members: Be yourself!  Recruitment  can be stressful but we just want to learn all the unique experiences you've had that make you who you are. We are SO excited to meet you :) 

Member Spotlights

Nikki Blattman '24


Why did you join PhiDE: I joined PhiDE looking for a community of premeds, but that was just the surface. This chapter has given some of my best friends and has completely shaped my Cornell experience. 

Your Favorite PHIDE Memory: Getting the sweetest little and joining my amazing lineage!

Advice for Prospective Members: Take recruitment as a time to meet as many of us as you can and show us who you are. We aren't looking for you to be anyone but yourself! Get excited!!

Mike Norinskiy '23


Why did you join PhiDE: I joined PhiDE because I wanted a support system fir my premed journey. PhiDE has supported me in every aspect of my college career and I love helping out my PhiDE Pham!

Your Favorite PHIDE Memory: Every single big/little! Shout out to the OBGYN Pham

Advice for Prospective Members: Have fun during recruitment! I met some of my closest friends when I went through recruitment (twice). We want you to enjoy recruitment as much as we do!

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