Executive Board



Martina Lopez May


College: Human Ecology

Major: Health Care Policy

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Apart from being involved in Phi Delta Epsilon, Martina is involved in research on campus. She works with professor Levitsky doing nutrition research focusing on adult onset obesity and she also works with Toshi Kawate in his biophysics lab studying protein structures. Martina is also in Ballet and Books, working with underprivileged kids in the Ithaca community. She is also an organic chemistry tutor. In her free time, she likes to run and hangout with friends.

Hunter Rice

VP of Programming

College: Agriculture and Life Sciences

Major: Biological Sciences

Hometown: Boston, MA

Hunter joined Phi Delta Epsilon in his sophomore fall after transferring from the University of Michigan. In addition to serving as VP of Programming for PhiDE, Hunter is on the executive board of KDSAP(Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program) and AHA(Alzheimer’s Help and Awareness). He is also an undergraduate researcher in the Ellwood Lab studying neuronal dopamine systems. When Hunter isn’t in the lab or class, he enjoys fly fishing, going to the beach, or playing/watching hockey and lacrosse. Before serving as VP, Hunter was programming and then social chair for the fraternity. In this new position, he is looking forward to continuing his goal of bring the fraternity closer together while also making it a fun and healthy experience for all its members.

Brendan Parent

VP of Recruitment

College: Arts and Sciences

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Human Development

Hometown: Pelham, MA


Brendan joined PhiDE in spring 2019. PhiDE has given him the opportunity to be a part of an incredible group of people who are committed to achieving a lifetime of serving and making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. As VP of Recruitment, he is looking forward to seeing events come together which give potential new members the chance to get to know the brothers, and also to meet new people who share similar goals for the future. Outside of PhiDE, Brendan is a member of the Cornell Surgical Society, a TA for CHEM 2070, and a research assistant in the O’Brien lab. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hockey, and hiking.

Jonathan Wang

VP of Finance

College: Human Ecology

Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Jonathan joined Phi Delta Epsilon in his freshman spring. Aside from his role in PhiDE, Jonathan works with Professor Ulrich Wiesner doing materials science and engineering research, focusing on developing nanoparticles for super-resolution imaging. Additionally, Jonathan is part of Cornell YOURS (Youth Outreach Undergraduates Reshaping Success) and works with disadvantaged youth from the greater Ithaca area. He is also a BIOMG 3300 TA and an SAT/ACT tutor. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with friends.

Aneri Patel

Secretary and Risk Management Officer

College: Human Ecology

Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society

Minor: Global Health; Spanish

Hometown: Paramus, NJ

Aneri joined Phi Delta Epsilon in the fall semester of her sophomore year in the hopes of finding a supportive pre-medical community on campus. PhiDE has introduced her to some of the most diverse and yet like-minded individuals who all share the same passion for medicine. Aneri is thankful for the mentorship and friends that PhiDE has given her and hopes to foster a collaborative environment within the brotherhood as Secretary and Risk Management Officer.


Aside from PhiDE, Aneri is a general/organic chemistry tutor for Cornell Athletics and a mentor for YOURS. She has worked with Dr. Reesink at the vet school exploring therapeutic strategies for post-traumatic osteoarthritis. Her passion for global health has also driven her to be a part of the teaching team for the Tanzania Global Health Summer Program. Off campus, she works as a hospital aide at Cayuga Medical Center. During her free time, you can find her exploring new restaurants in Ithaca and spending time with friends.



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