Executive Board


Kyra Kwok


College: Agriculture and Life Sciences 

Major: Biological Sciences 

Hometown: New York, NY

Fun Fact: I am red-green color blind 


Kyra joined Phi Delta Epsilon in the spring semester of her freshman year in the hopes of finding a supportive pre-medical community on campus. PhiDE has introduced her to some of the most diverse and yet like-minded individuals who all share the same passion for medicine. Kyra is thankful for the mentorship and friends that PhiDE has given her and hopes to foster a collaborative environment within the brotherhood as Vice President of Finance and Philanthropy.


Aside from PhiDE, Kyra is an introductory psychology tutor and a general chemistry tutor with the Cornell Biology Scholars Program. She is also a part of American Cancer Society at Cornell and the Cornell University Deaf Awareness Program. Kyra works with Dr. Moeller in an ecology and evolutionary biology lab studying the relationships between vertebrates and their gut microbiota. During her free time, you can find her exploring restaurants in Ithaca and playing Mario kart with her friends. 


Mike Norinskiy

VP of Programming

College: Arts & Sciences

Major: Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Hometown: Queens, NY

Fun Fact: I can speak Russian fluently 

Mike joined PhiDE Fall 2021. He joined PhiDE to be apart of a Phamily of friends that supported him at his time at Cornell and beyond. He is really excited to serve as Vice President of Programming to put together engaging chapters and social events. Outside of PhiDE, Mike spends most of his time working in the Abbasov Lab doing research using chemical proteomics. When he’s not at lab or at a PhiDE event, he’s either rock climbing or cooking. 

Sean McCabe

VP of Recruitment

College: Human Ecology

Major: Human Biology, Health and Society

Hometown: Pearl River, NY

Fun Fact:  My backup career is buying and selling things on eBay.

Sean joined Phi Delta Epsilon during the fall semester of his sophomore year and has since come to love the strong community offered by this organization. After rushing PhiDE 3 times, he notes that the compassionate attitudes and encouraging spirits of all the members he met are what inspired him to keep moving forward. Since joining he has found incredible support particularly through his lin, Immunology, and his involvement with both the recruitment and philanthropy committees. Outside of PhiDE you can find Sean working as a Resident Advisor in Cascadilla Hall, as a research assistant in the Berry Lab, or asking for extra rice in his bowl from Poke Lava.


Nikki Blattman

VP of Finance

College: Agriculture and Life Sciences

Major: Biology & Society

Hometown: Roslyn, NY

Fun Fact: She is a huge NY Islanders fan

Nikki joined Phi Delta Epsilon in Spring 2021 in order to find a support system of like-minded pre-meds. PhiDE has given her amazing friends, mentorship, and experiences through the amazing people she has met from this organization. As Vice President of Finance and Philanthropy, Nikki hopes to further the bonds of the PhiDE brotherhood and continue fundraising for our amazing causes. Outside of PhiDE, Nikki works under Dr. Harrington researching vector biology, is an editor for the Cornell Healthcare Review, is in the process of becoming an EMT, and is on the executive board of her social sorority. In her free time, you can find her reading her favorite books, watching hockey, and hanging out with her friends!

Maria Tollock

Secretary and Risk Management Officer

College: Human Ecology

Major: Nutritional Sciences

Minor: Business 

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Maria joined Phi Delta Epsilon in her freshman year, has served as the Marketing Rush Chair, and is excited to be Secretary and Risk Management Officer. Outside of PhiDE, Maria is a peer research mentor for CURB, a Big Red Student Ambassador, involved in the American Cancer Society, and a COVID-19 Peer Ambassador. This semester, she will be conducting research in the Levitsky Nutritional Sciences Lab and the Mehta Global Health Research Group, as well as working as a Hospital Aide at Cayuga Medical Center. Off campus, Maria has volunteered for the Molecular Cytology Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and shadowed a hematologist-oncologist, and is currently tutoring for the SAT and ACT. In her free time, Maria enjoys playing tennis and lacrosse, cooking, listening to music, and spending time with friends.