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Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Phi Delta Epsilon is committed to fostering a diverse community of premedical students dedicated to promoting excellence and equity in medicine and science through philanthropy, service and professional development. PhiDE will not discriminate against any brother or potential new member regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio economic circumstance, national origin, geographic background, immigration status, ability and disability, physical characteristics, veteran status, political ideology or religious beliefs. We support community engagement and partner with our local, national and global communities to advance diversity and eliminate health disparities.

In medical school, we will have the responsibility to provide culturally competent care for all patients who walk through our doors regardless of any life experience that differs from our own. We expect all brothers to hold themselves and others accountable to uphold diversity and inclusion in our chapter and to continuously monitor our diversity and inclusion efforts to ensure that the outcome brings us closer to reflecting the diversity found in our patients, community and nation.

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